Making a difference

Direct Transact’s commitment to making a difference is not born out of legislative requirements. We feel duty-bound to make a meaningful difference where there is the greatest need and we have the means to help. We currently assist the elderly and vulnerable children.

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The founders of Direct Transact and the Direct Transact Foundation have set themselves a target of contributing a minimum of 10% of the Group’s profits to worthwhile causes.

Initiatives we support

Our support includes but is not limited to the following initiatives:

Enzenzeleni Water Supply Project is the Direct Transact Foundation’s latest project. Our goal is to place fifty 5000 liter water tanks in an area spanning more than 500 individual households that previously had no running water. Each household requires 50 liters of water per day on average. Each tank is designated to serve 10 specific households.

Tshepo Foundation was founded and launched in Bloemfontein, South Africa, in November 2000 by the Reverend Peter Howe and his wife, Petro. Tshepo Foundation has established and developed some of the following as their key areas of focus: Day Care & Pre School Centre, Orphan Assistance, Healthcare for the children and Elderly Social Groups.

Peas in a Pod is a house of safety opened by Dr. Annali Swanepoel, specialising in caring for abused girls from ages 2-18. Direct Transact invested in this project 10 years ago and Peas in a Pod has taken care of 60 girls since then. Their main focus is restorative work with abused girls who may have missed out on emotional support and an education on account of the abuse they suffered.

House Gracia started in 2009 with one goal in mind and that was to create a safe-haven for kids from underprivileged communities and broken homes. We want to provide these kids with a safe place to stay and while doing so, provide them with life skills, good values and a proper education. At House Gracia we want them to feel at home!

Kairos Development Projects Foundation situated in Montana Gardens, Pretoria, strives towards poverty relief, the upliftment of the community, job creation, skills development, educational projects, feeding schemes, basic health care and last but not least, programmes to regain self-respect.

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