End-to-end fintech for banks and brands.

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A complete Fintech Capability Set

We help you launch and manage all banking solutions your customers need in the secure Direct Transact ecosystem.

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We deliver global card solutions.

We provide physical cards, virtual cards and tokenisation for banks, corporates and retailers, certified by Visa and Mastercard. And, we cover interbank connectivity, dispute resolution, settlements, merchant management and eCommerce support.

Visa and MasterCard

Local and International card issuing
Prepaid (wallets) Debit Cards
Credit cards
Virtual cards
Corporate purchase cards
Tap & go/contactless card solutions

Private label cards [closed loop]

Branded credit cards
Store cards
Customer incentivisation
Merchant benefits
Promotional financing

Card Management Services

Card ordering
Pin issuing
Pin encryption - Hardware Security Module (HSM)
Card block/unblock  
Transaction limit setting
ATM and/or POS - on/off
Notifications (SMS, email)
Geographic settings


Apple Pay, Google Pay and others  
Token lifecycle management


We make banking a breeze.

We’ve got the full range of banking products covered - transactions, saving, lending and investments, asset and property finance, along with business and corporate accounts. Plus fraud management, tiered authorisation, and much more.

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Transactional products  
Investment products
Lending products (secured and unsecured)
Business banking  
Corporate transaction accounts
Relationship Management
Tiered Authorisation
Asset and Property Finance  
Vehicle finance


We power payments.

We are Visa and Mastercard internationally certified and facilitate all South African payment streams. Our services also include merchant management and integration with National Payment Systems.

Visa and Mastercard services

Local and International processing

Issuing and Acquiring

Physical terminals ATM & Point of Sale (including SoftPOS)
Virtual cards
Tokenisation (wallet payments, i.e., ApplePay, GooglePay)
Merchant management services (including settlement)
ATM cash management

National Payment System (NPS) BankservAfrica

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
Bill Payments
Debit Orders
Local ATM and POS transactions
Ecommerce purchases (3D-secure)
Real Time Clearing (RTC)
Rapid Payment Program (RPP) in line with industry rollout

Non-regulated payments

Closed loop (wallet to wallet)
3rd party deposits/payments - e.g., pay@ and EasyPay
Value Added Services (VAS) – e.g., pre-paid electricity and airtime


We tick the boxes.

We worry about regulatory compliance so you don’t have to, including PCI-DSS and other global and local banking and payment regulations.

Reconciliation and Settlement Services

We do seamless consolidation.

Real-time and overnight settlement and reconciliation is our speciality, ensuring smooth consolidation of all payment types. Whether it's financial operations or back-office processes, we keep things synchronised, stable and on point.

Payments Hub

Our central processing environment is designed to unify all payments and payment data, offering a singular interface for all payment solutions tailored to our clients. It grants a comprehensive view of all your payments through a single, clear pane of glass, ensuring seamless management and oversight.

Consolidation and Transaction Warehousing

Consolidation of all payment types (i.e., single transaction engine)
Transaction Warehousing/Dashboarding
MIS/Reporting (through a single pane of glass)
Data Analytics
Cashflow and Liquidity Management

Reconciliation Hub

Our advanced online interface acts as a one-stop information hub, streamlining the completion and verification of automated reconciliations for various clients and types, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every process.

Financial and Back Office Support Services

Reconciliation Services
Daily balancing and reconciliation of transactions,
Dispute Management Services
Visa/Mastercard chargebacks
EFT dispute management
Settlement and Clearing Services
General Ledger and Financial Management Services

Payment Streams Reconciled

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT)
ATM Deposits and Withdrawal
POS Card Payments
Real Time Clearing (RTC)
Salary / Payroll  
National Settlement (Central Bank Settlement)
International Settlement (SWIFT)

Acquiring • Reconciliation and settlement services

ATM Acquiring: Cash Balancing and Settlement Services
POS Acquiring: Balancing and Settlement Services
Merchant Acquiring: Balancing and Settlement Services

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